Somerset cafe cake stand

*This theme will run and run I suspect, as good food places are opening up all over the place. And in justice to my guests, I’m checking them all out. Today was Kimbers Farm Shop, Cafe and general things shop – up past Wincanton, a half hour up the A303, lackey split on a GLORIOUS day with warmth in the sun (though not the wind). The farm shop was very good – a butchery there, though I didn’t stray from my loyalty to lovely Andy in South Petherton, and raw milk – we’re trying that as part of the recent gut flora obsession as a better alternative to endless sauerkraut. The cafe was brilliant – obviously we headed straight in there for sustenance before facing any shopping, and had sausage and mash (oh joy) and lamb wrap (fabulous), and I was rather taken with the colour scheme which was very Mexican in flavour, somewhat unexpectedly in rural Somerset. Burnt orange walls, turquoise ceilings, grey woodwork and very flamboyant tiles. I had quite a few moments of regret for my green walls at home, but I’ll get over it. I am doing that by binging on Kimbers’ yoghurt and honey while sitting in my very very very green office.

crocus in bloom