garden in a mess

The misery of walking out into the garden and ONLY seeing grass and hedge was beginning to get to me, so I ripped out the hedge round three quarters of the property and dug up the grass. This means that for much of winter I have just had the misery of walking out into the garden and seeing bare earth, but you have to start somewhere. And as the place is new I’m learning as I go. With the kitchen garden I’m learning quite a lot as I go.

My first plan to plant it with a year round succession of highly scented and lovely plants came about after sitting with a coffee in the warm early morning sun with my back against the wall, thinking about how delightful it would be to have scents wafting over me in the warm mornings. That was the first and last time I actually sat there however as somehow there’s always something to do on  a summer’s morning, and I discovered that it has evidently been someone else’s delight to chuck stones into that garden, possibly since neolithic times, so digging it out to plant anything swiftly got put in the ‘let’s do that another time’ list.

I dug up the furthest bed, (where the short arms of the stone throwers had failed to propel the worst of the pebbles) and planted roses in a rare moment of extravagance, buying potted plants in full bloom. And how lovely they looked. Till the next morning when a wind had blown every single petal from them.

I am now putting up a fence (slowly), have planted  meadow wildflowers on the poor soil, and the roses are now trying again down the end of the main garden. As I’ve planted 200 odd native hedging plants down the end of the chicken and veg patches I’m hoping they’ll get to keep a petal or two.