Hen shelter in paddock

This is what I meant to do today:

Plant out the last of the seedlings

Mow the lawn

Water the polytunnel

Wash, dry and iron the bedlinen

Weed the front border

Sow basil and biennials

Make a cake

Work out how to fit up the rain diverters for the rainwater storage tanks

Clear out the garage to stack all the bike and DIY stuff on the new shelving

Put up the new shelving


This is what I actually did:

Show my 8 and 3 year old guests what a broad bean is, and how to split them open

Eat all the tiny tiny broad beans they then split open and offered me, having discovered that broad beans aren’t really their thing

Hunted for ripe strawberries among the green.

Fed the strawberries to the 3 year old, who was very clear that strawberries are much better than broad beans

Watered the poly tunnel, the surrounding area, some random weeds and hedging with the said 8 and 3 year olds

Made a daisy chain

Finished off the previous cake

Spent a long time looking for all the bits and pieces for potting up, then carrying all the seedlings, earth and a multitude of pots to the steps where we all filled the pots with compost, v e r y  s l o w l y,  lost the labels and potted up a now unknown selection of annuals while chatting.

Very little else.


There are days when plans go spectacularly awry and your life is infinitely richer for it, and this was definitely one of them.