Dead young blackbird

The Young

This is the time of year when the new fledglings are off and…

French toast for breakfast

Running a B&B - Hazards

Today I managed to knock over a cafetière FULL of newly made…

bluebell wood

Spring in Somerset

Despite the fact the rain is lashing the window as I write, and the…

tea leaves and spoon

The perfect cup of tea

I am slightly ashamed of the disappointment I feel when I sit down…

dianthus plant

Setting Up a B&B: Garden

The misery of walking out into the garden and ONLY seeing grass and…

Carrot cake

Welcoming B&B Guests

I have been experimenting over winter with new bakes for welcoming…

Somerset cafe cake stand

Somerset Farm Shops - A Tale of Good Eating*

*This theme will run and run I suspect, as good food places are…

sunrise at newchester farmhouse

January change of pace

It’s maintenance time! The last jollities of New Year done…

Starling Murmurations in Somerset

The rain has stopped and with a crisp cold day and no guests, I…

clouds over the garden

Friday Photo

Garden looking a bit moody the other day. Washing in.