Dead young blackbird

The Young

This is the time of year when the new fledglings are off and…

Hen shelter in paddock

Managing time in a B&B

This is what I meant to do today: Plant out the last of the…

bluebell wood

Spring in Somerset

Despite the fact the rain is lashing the window as I write, and the…

roses and gaura flowers

Gardening at the B&B

My job for the morning is shifting seedlings round to maximise…

dianthus plant

Setting Up a B&B: Garden

The misery of walking out into the garden and ONLY seeing grass and…

view from the polytunnel

Creating a B&B garden

The polytunnel is going up in an effort to have it ready for the…

dianthus plant

Losing time in the garden

I SHOULD be making curtains, but in fact I spent the entire day…

sunrise at newchester farmhouse

January change of pace

It’s maintenance time! The last jollities of New Year done…

clouds over the garden

Friday Photo

Garden looking a bit moody the other day. Washing in.

dead hedge

Garden Distractions

As I am still hobbling in a pathetic old woman sort of way with an…