tea leaves and spoon

The perfect cup of tea

I am slightly ashamed of the disappointment I feel when I sit down to breakfast in a hotel and get a pot of tea with only one teabag and there is NOTHING to be done…

view from the polytunnel

Creating a B&B garden

The polytunnel is going up in an effort to have it ready for the spring planting. It’s a distraction in some ways as it’s meant a LOT of digging and…

Carrot cake

Welcoming B&B Guests

I have been experimenting over winter with new bakes for welcoming guests, adding to the brownies, lemon drizzle and scones that were the favourites before. This one…

Somerset cafe cake stand

Somerset Farm Shops – A Tale of Good Eating*

*This theme will run and run I suspect, as good food places are opening up all over the place. And in justice to my guests, I’m checking them all out. Today was…

dianthus plant

Losing time in the garden

I SHOULD be making curtains, but in fact I spent the entire day planning the new borders in the garden and ordering seed in an attempt to cut the cost of filling them.…

sunrise at newchester farmhouse

January change of pace

It’s maintenance time! The last jollities of New Year done and dusted, so up early, on with the wellies and out into the orchard to get the polytunnel up (all…

Starling Murmurations in Somerset

The rain has stopped and with a crisp cold day and no guests, I went up to Ham Wall RSPB reserve up the road to watch the starlings come in to roost. It’s a huge…

clouds over the garden

Friday Photo

Garden looking a bit moody the other day. Washing in.

dead hedge

Garden Distractions

As I am still hobbling in a pathetic old woman sort of way with an inflamed tendon (two years!!!) I seized the opportunity to persuade a nephew to take pity on me and…

the bishops palace in wells

Gardens of Somerset

We set off on an explore of Somerset gardens, just ahead of Storm Ali, with a trip to Wells. In normal fashion, the first stop was somewhere to eat (no point in site…

line of silver trees

Colours of an English summer

Went on a walk the other day and couldn’t stop looking at this line of trees, leaves all silver in the wind. It was beautiful.