view over garden with polytunnel

The polytunnel is going up in an effort to have it ready for the spring planting. It’s a distraction in some ways as it’s meant a LOT of digging and levelling and hefting of wheelbarrows and wheelbarrows and wheelbarrows of earth, when I should be planning the flower borders. And there is a definite Newtonian law of motion that sends you back and forth from any building project, however well prepared you think you are, to the tool supply in the office to find the one missing thing you forgot, till you discover the next missing thing. Like a horizontal pendulum effect. First 6 times I took my boots off to look for the spanner/spirit level/drill bit. Now I’m giving up and will just spend the week washing the floor when it’s done.

It’s lovely working up there, with the outdoor gym in the village rec next door and the sounds of people laughing as they try and use the machines. It’s especially popular this week with grandparents and their half term charges. And to the south looking over the fields, just as I was wondering about how to contact the farmer and ask if I could trim the hedge from his side he appeared with the tractor and did the whole thing in a matter of minutes, so now I get the view over the hedge too.

I might move in here.